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World Water Day 2021

World Water Day 2021 – Valuing Water

World Water Day is an annual United Nations (UN) observance day held on 22 March that highlights the importance of freshwater. The...

Happy Women’s Day; addressing roles and initiations in Construction

Women Leaders are changing the world as we see it today. When women, the very few, take top leadership positions, they bring...
Polavaram Project

Polavaram Project – 52 pillars on the spillway almost completed

The Polavaram Irrigation Project is a Multipurpose one conferring Irrigation benefits in the upland areas of Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari and...
plastic waste

Pavement prepared with plastic waste in Suryapet

A material that contains one or more organic polymers of large molecular weight, solid in its finished state and at some state...
Budget 2021

Budget 2021; Finding equilibrium between reality and expectation

FM Nirmala Sitharaman presented her first paperless union budget and announced several measures for infrastructure and railway to give a much needed...
wall putty applications

Advantages and applications of wall putty

Wall putty can be described as a white cement based fine powder created from a smooth mixture and applied to the walls...

Different types of Industrial Flooring Options

The function of an industrial floor is to provide trouble-free movement of man, machine, materials and material-handling equipment. Other than the stated...
Model Tenancy Act

Model Tenancy Act, 2020 – India Gears Up to Implement Rental Housing Policy

The rental market in India has long been fragmented and underdeveloped, invariably creating pressure on the overall real estate market. The leasing...
precast concrete moulds

Different types of precast concrete moulds

Precast concrete components are made using steel moulds due to several repetitions, generally above 500. Usually, precast components are cast on steel...

How to Install Large Format Tiles?

Large format tiles are not a new concept, it has been around but presently it has shown growth in demand due to...




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