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Somero Laser Screed

Somero Laser Screed ® machines for flatter road construction

Equipped with a powerful engine and four-wheel drive system, S-158C Laser Screed® machine delivers flatter roads while maintaining excellent handling and high-quality concrete leveling...
Patented Laser Screed

Patented Laser Screed® machine For Industrial Flooring

Laser screed® machine helps to achieve laser-precise flatness and levelness every single time. Floors are typically flatter, stronger, and more level than those produced...
laser screeds

Know- how about Laser Screed® technology

One of the greatest benefits of laser screed® machine is that they can achieve laser-precise flatness and levelness every single time. Floors are typically...
Laser Screed

Patented and Trademarked Somero Laser Screed® machine

Laser Screeding machine® helps assure that concrete floor contractors achieve greater accuracy on every job. This increases customer satisfaction and can lead to further...

Somero India Laser screed® benefit for flooring contractors

Somero India’s  equipment employs laser-guided proprietary technology to achieve a high level of precision in concrete surface flatness at a higher rate of efficiency...
Ride-On Laser Screed

Somero Ride-On Laser Screed ® for road construction

Somero technology was developed based on a deep understanding of the industry and direct customer engagement that to this day drives them to develop...
Laser Screed

Value our patented Laser Screed® Technology – Somero India

Any business which invests in research and development cannot afford to ignore the power that patents have in protecting that investment. Strategic patenting ensures...
Laser Screed®

Somero India – Patent of Laser Screed® Technology

The pace and speed of technological advances have resulted in an increasing trend of products and services being rapidly commoditized by new products and...
faster and flatter floors

Faster and flatter floors from Somero India

Industrial and warehouse floors are seeing demand for faster and flatter floors. Methods incorporating long strip concrete placement are required now. Superflat floors are...




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