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3D/Metallic epoxy flooring

Advantages and applications of 3D/Metallic epoxy flooring

Decorative concrete flooring has allowed designers to achieve an endless variety of colors and textures. With decorative floorings color can be mixed into the...
microtopping flooring

Advantages and Applications of Neocoat UTM microtopping flooring

A micro-topping is a cementitious polymer mixture applied in very low thicknesses starting from 1mm to 3mm coat used to either achieve a completely...

The guidelines for the installation of Epoxy/PU floorings

Almost all industries in India today have epoxy/PU floorings in their plant area to provide seamless, joint-less, aesthetic, chemical-resistant, hygienic, dust-free atmosphere. An overall...
Decorative floorings

Decorative and custom-designed floorings from Neocrete

Neocrete manufactures decorative and custom-designed products for floor protection, restoration and renovation of concrete and steel surfaces. These products are based on epoxy, polyurethane...




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