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Relinforce™ For Industrial/ Commercial Building

Carbon Fiber Wrapping Relinforce™ For Industrial/ Commercial Building

A building may require rehabilitation and strengthening due to upgrading of design standards, increased safety requirements, change in its function, loads can increase or...
Epoxy Based Bonding Agent

Epoxy Based Bonding Agent for Old and New Concrete Floor

The cement present in a concrete mix does not have any bonding agent within it. When a layer of fresh concrete is added over...
Surie Polex HSB 500

Floor burnishers for high gloss shine floors

Floor burnishers are machines used to maintain concrete floors. Owing to the faster rotations, it produces the highly desirable “wet look” shine. The machine...
Sealing concrete cracks with MC-Bauchemie India crack repair products

Repair products for sealing concrete cracks

Cracks occur in the concrete over time despite good quality control. Cracks are one of the signs that indicate damaged or distressed structures. However,...
Pipe structure reinforcement projects executed with Reinforce™ Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers

Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers for pipe structure reinforcement

Round steel pipeline is mainly aimed for economical transmission of liquid and gas across the country. Corrosion and mechanical damage cause defects such as...
Diamond polishing pads

Diamond polishing pads for concrete surface

Diamond polishing pads are resin-bonded diamond abrasives used for the grinding and polishing of natural stone, engineered stone and concrete. The word diamond in...
Screed mortar for very thin Overlays & Inlays

Screed mortar for very thin Overlays & Inlays

A floor screed is usually a cementitious material made from cement and sharp sand, sometimes coarse aggregates can be added to create a thicker...
Floor Grinding Machine

2-Head Floor Grinder for Grinding and Polishing of Concrete Floors

Grinding eliminates inconsistencies in the concrete, resulting in a smooth and usable surface. Old and damaged concrete surfaces can be restored to their former...
Liquid applied membrane for waterproofing

Liquid applied membrane for waterproofing of concrete structures

Concrete expands and shrinks causing cracks under high or low temperatures causing water seepage. Construction defects, the existence of critical points for waterproofing or...
Rehabilitation and structural strengthening

Rehabilitation and structural strengthening of bridge and jetties

The foundation of a modern economy is a robust Infrastructure that mainly includes concrete and metal structures such as bridges, jetties, buildings, pipes etc....