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Concrete Crazing

What is Concrete Crazing and how can we avoid it?

Crazing in concrete floors is the development of random cracks or fissures on the surface of concrete caused by shrinkage of the...
climbing formwork

An overview of climbing formwork

Climbing formwork is a special type of formwork for vertical concrete structures that rises with the building process. It is an effective...
Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete Waterproofing with the biochemically modified chemical solution

Concrete has the potential to be one of the longest-lasting materials in history – the Egyptian pyramids in Ancient Egypt were even...
welded wire mesh

What are the different types and applications of welded wire mesh?

Welded wire mesh is made of intertwined wires which are welded together at regular intervals with equal gaping, thereby forming a barrier....
Soil Compaction Equipment

Different models of Soil Compaction Equipment in India

Manufacturers are focusing on coming out with compaction equipment models that are fuel-efficient and require minimal maintenance. With competition, intensifying suppliers are...
Stamped concrete flooring

Advantages, Methods & Applications of Stamped Concrete Flooring

Stamped concrete flooring also known as patterned concrete or imprinted concrete, uses rubber stamps designed from “real stone” molds to imprint the...
Structural connection

Structural connection used in precast building – Part 1

A structural connection in the precast building is an assembly consisting of one or more interfaces and parts of the adjoining components,...
Epoxy Coated TMT Bars

Epoxy Coated Rebar- manufacturing, advantages & applications

Epoxy Coated Rebar acts as a barrier system intended to prevent moisture and chlorides from eroding the surface of the reinforcing bar....
Lightweight Framed Formwork System

Lightweight Framed Formwork System with high load bearing capacity

The high load bearing wall formwork system comprises a unique clip assembly for joining two or more substantially planar structures, such as...
Seafood Processing Plant

Basic Design Practices in Seafood Processing Plant and Cold Storage

Refrigeration is the heart of fish or shrimp processing plant. It all starts with the use of ice from the time of...




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