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Cornell University’s 3D printed house

Cornell University’s 3D printed house with blend of concrete & wood

Cornell University researchers are constructing 3D-printed homes using blends of concrete and wood to reduce waste and cost. Their first-of-its-kind hybrid design connects structural...

Crack fillers for internal & external repair of structures

Cracking is an unavoidable response of any structure while designers are trying to eliminate many of the causes of cracking and design tolerance for...
Glass-fiber Reinforced Concrete

Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete – advantages and applications

There has been an increased focus on manufacturing high-performance concrete products by adding various fibers, in different proportions. The fibers like glass, carbon, polypropylene...
Pile driving hammer

Pile driving hammers; functions and different types

Pile driving hammers are specialized heavy machinery used for projects that require the use of deep foundations over shallow foundations. The site may need...
Structural retrofitting of beams and columns

Structural retrofitting of beams and columns with Relinforce™

A concrete structure is designed for a specific period and depending on the nature of the structure, its design life varies. Deterioration in concrete...
Aluminum Coil Suppliers

A Complete Guide to Aluminum Coil Stock Suppliers and their work

Metal coils have been used for many important things, such as building and construction materials, roof panels, and power stations. Many types of metal...
Bridge Management Analytics

Bridge Management Analytics for Sustainability and Economy

Bridge management plays a significant role in the sustainability of infrastructure. This has become more relevant since the world over bridges are aging and...
Buying a Home

Avenue Supermarts’ CEO buys two flats in Mumbai from Rustomjee

Ignatius Navil Noronha, the chief executive officer of Avenue Supermarts that owns the DMart retail chain, and his wife Kajal Noronha have purchased two super premium apartments in Mumbai's Bandra locality...
Rehabilitation and retrofitting of building and structures

Rehabilitation and retrofitting of building and structures

Rehabilitation and retrofitting aims to strengthen a structure to satisfy the requirements of the current codes for seismic design. In this respect, seismic retrofit...
Aalto University

Aalto University – Lumir developed bio-based acoustic coating

Achieving adequate acoustics while maintaining the aesthetics of the space and reducing the visual aspects of acoustic materials and elements is a big challenge....