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Technological Trends

Backhoe Loader: Technological Trends to look forward in India

Backhoe loader manufacturers are leveraging Digital Technology by integrating Big Data and the Internet of Things in their models. The new model...
Ammann ARS 121

Heavy-Duty Hydrostatic Drive Powers Ammann ARS 121

Soil compactors are used to rearrange particles, reduce the void ratio, and increase density. Soil compaction improves the shear strength and load-bearing...
earthmoving equipment models

Different types of earthmoving equipment models in India

Growing infrastructure projects such as railways, dams, highways, bridges, and roads are major factors boosting the demand for earth moving equipment. Installation...

JCB launches dual-fuel CNG backhoe loader, roll-out from Delhi NCR unit

JCB India Limited, launched dual-fuel CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Backhoe Loader in India. This new machine 'JCB 3DX DFi' can operate on CNG and diesel simultaneously using...
excavator equipment models

Different types of excavator equipment models for construction

Excavator model capabilities have expanded far beyond excavation tasks with buckets. With the advent of hydraulic-powered attachments such as a breaker, a...
mining equipment market

Different types of mining equipment in India

The development of high-performance equipment, with increased automation, has made the extraction of ores without declining the grades comparatively cheaper, in turn,...
Geosynthetic Applications

Heavy Machinery for Infrastructure Construction

The application of the infrastructure materials is not possible without a conveniently prepared subgrade. Without quality preparation of the surface and subgrade...
crawler loaders

Ready to meet the technological demand with crawler loaders

Crawler loaders offer end-users more annual working hours, this coupled with the growing focus on improving the productivity of construction activities is...
ELGI EG series

Granlund Tools AB entrust on ELGi’s Compressors

Elgi Equipments Limited, one of the world’s leading air compressor manufacturers, is delighted to announce that Granlund Tools AB a leading manufacturer...
Backhoe loaders

Backhoe loaders; In-demand features for Indian Construction Market

The Investment in infrastructure by the Indian government agreed to make is expected to push the sales of backhoe loaders in India....




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