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Structural Health Monitoring System

Smart Structural Health Monitoring System

Structural health monitoring is a method of recording, processing and evaluating measurement data to detect structural changes, damage and critical stress levels at an...

FAIRCURE WC; White Pigmented Concrete Curing Aid

Buildings have major environmental impacts over their entire life cycle. Resources such as ground cover, forests, water, and energy are depleted to give way...
Anti - Carbonation Coatings

Advantages and Applications of Anti – Carbonation Coatings

Concrete structures deteriorate with time and deterioration is much faster in extreme environments associated with high humidity, chlorides and CO2 in the atmosphere. Ingress...
chemical anchors

Different types of chemical anchors used in structures

Chemical anchors are generic terms relating to steel studs, bolts and anchorages which are bonded into a substrate, usually masonry and concrete, using a...
Dust Free Polished/Densified Concrete Floor For Various Sectors

Dust Free Polished/Densified Concrete Floor For Various Sectors

Floors take the most burnt in a warehouse, so it needs to be constructed perfectly to avoid mishaps and for restoring functionality and durability....
Seamless Floors

Seamless Floors – advantages, types and applications

Seamless floors are new generation floors that come without seams, ridges, or joints. They are poured-in-place epoxy, urethane, or methyl methacrylate formulations and they...

India based multinational construction chemical company

Fairmate manufactures and markets construction chemicals that enhance the build quality, longevity and aesthetics of structures.  They are an India based multinational construction chemical...
Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concrete – Types and Advantages

Concrete undergoes dynamic loading and rigorous environmental conditions. The development of shrinkage cracks in plain cement concrete is a major problem. To overcome this...
Prof. S. Ramamrutham

Deepest Condolences- Prof. S. Ramamrutham Is No More

Prof. S. Ramamrutham is a renowned professor, civil and structural engineer and author of over 15 popular books on various topics of civil and...

South Delhi civic body launces e-book of unified building bylaws 2016

To help people understand the amendments made in the building bylaws since 2016, South Delhi Municipal Corporation has come out with an e-version of its recently...




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