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Rann Infra Concrete- produces quality concrete with low maintenance cost

RMC Plant
Rann Infra Concrete Pvt. Ltd. RMC Plant

The Indian ready-mix concrete market is touted to account for considerable demand due the expanding construction industry and growing infrastructural development activities. The demand for ready-to-mix concrete has surged significantly due to an increase in concerns toward robust construction. Advantages like sight supervision and reduced cost for labour, aligned with ease of pouring methods involved in ready-mix construction are projected to attract considerable demand for ready-mix concrete in the coming years. The government of India launched a smart cities program to create cities equipped with good infrastructure and offer a high quality of life through smart solutions, which is likely to foster the demand for RMC.  The growing number of infrastructure projects, including bridges, roads, dams, and airport expansion work, is fueling the demand for ready-mix concrete. In regard to the greater demand for ready mixed concrete, Rann Infra Concrete Pvt. Ltd. is ready to address these demands.

Raj Ranjan Moharana, Managing Director, Rann Infra Equipment

Rann Infra Concrete Pvt. Ltd. is the OEM Manufacturer of the Readymix Concrete Batching Plant. They are manufacturing SCC, SBC and normal concrete. The company’s ready-mix concrete plant is located in Bagalur, Bangalore under Rann Infra Concrete. This plant has been designed with a transportable dimension to make it more convenient while shifting between project sites. The company’s ready mix concrete manufactured metres the quantity and quality parameter in regard to Initial/ Final setting time and Compressive strength.

Constrofacilitator had one-to-one interaction with Raj Ranjan Moharana, Managing Director, Rann Infra Equipments. He has 20 years of experience in the construction business and worked with many renowned companies.  During the interaction, he shared insights on the company’s batching plant advantages, production capacity, testing , demand and driving factors of the ready- mix concrete market.

What are the advantages of the Rann Infra ready-mix batching plant?

Rann Infra RMC batching plant produces quality concrete and eliminates storage space for basic materials at site. Elimination of procurement / hiring of plant and machinery. Wastage of basic materials is avoided. Its advantages include;

  1. RMC plant help speed in the construction practices followed in ready mix concrete plant is followed continuously by having mechanised operations.
  2. Better handling and proper mixing practice will help to reduce the consumption of cement by 10 – 12%.
  3. Ready mix concrete manufacture has less dependency on human labours hence the chances of human errors is reduced. This will also reduce the dependency on intensive labours.
  4. We can achieve greater quality with low maintenance costs

The company’s ready-mix batching plant can produce up to 1.25 cubic metre of concrete per hour.

Concrete is produced under controlled conditions using consistent quality raw material with Rann Infra Concrete Pvt. Ltd. Ready Mix Concrete plant

How does the company sample and test Concrete?

The work is done under the quality control team, their work is to keep check on the raw material and production is under controlled conditions using consistent quality raw material. Also, we have an accurate dosing system for every component which is a computerised  integrated control system.

Rann Infra Concrete Pvt. Ltd. Readymix Concrete Batching Plant is capable of discharging concrete at high elevations and over long distances

Which sector is foreseeing the most demand for ready-mix concrete?

Concrete is frequently used in building material and its usage across the nation is more than that of wood, steel, plastics and aluminium altogether, thus improving the market size of RMC. The construction industry is observing tremendous and unparalleled changes due to economic growth and is gradually shifting towards ready-mix concrete for easy and quick use. The concrete market positively owing to high demand for residential structures. The use of ready-mix concrete in modern constructions is an environmentally responsible choice that provides building owners with energy-efficient buildings. The government of India launched a smart cities program to create cities equipped with good infrastructure offering high quality of life through smart solutions, which is likely to encourage demand for RMC.

What are the driving factors of the Indian ready-mix concrete market?

The high preference for ready mix concrete is notably driving the ready mix concrete market growth in India, although factors such as high operating costs may impede the market growth. With the growth of the construction market in India, the use of ready mix concrete has been increasing due to new residential projects and infrastructural development. Ready mix concrete has emerged to become the preferred form of concrete in the construction market.

The demand for the ready-mix concrete has been increasing due to rise in demand for versatile building materials and increase in concern towards strong construction. Furthermore, increase in government and private investments in the infrastructure sector is expected to offer lucrative growth opportunities for ready-mix concrete market players during the forecast period. Major factors driving the growth of Ready-Mix Concrete Market is global infrastructure development combined with rapid urbanisation. Moreover, benefits such as lower labour cost, waste reduction, low inventory cost and on-site supervision. Furthermore, increasing urbanization, growing population and rising focus of government on infrastructural development are driving India’s ready mix concrete market.