NHAI repairs cracks on Shikohpur flyover crossing on Delhi-Jaipur highway.


The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) on Monday said that it has repaired cracks on the flyover at Shikohpur crossing on the Delhi-Jaipur highway.

According to the authority, a small portion of the stretch has been barricaded so that repairs can set quickly.

The flyover developed minor cracks on Sunday, following which traffic was regulated for some time. “The damaged area is around one foot by one and a half feet and has been repaired. The repaired area has been barricaded to strengthen it. We will ascertain the reasons behind this damage and act accordingly,” said Ajay Arya, project director, NHAI, Jaipur.

According to a NHAI official, overloaded trucks frequented this stretch, which resulted in the damage. Traffic police, meanwhile, said that they were not alerted about the incident. “We weren’t informed about the incident. Our marshals crossed the stretch multiple times today but did not report any cave-in or other defects,” a senior traffic police official said.