New Advisory Board to be Formed in Implementing Road Safety Policies


The Ministry of Finance’s Department of Expenditure has shown a Green flag to set up National Road Safety board, so that it can advise the government, in creating policies which would ensure better road safety. The creation of a road safety board has been part of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019.

Advisory body would comprise of Chairman and 7 members.Board would focus matters relating to road safety and offer safety measures.

The National Road Safety Board would comprise 7 member panel and a chairman, these 7 members will be having experience in the field relating to traffic regulation, road safety, civil engineering, urban planning, Police enforcement & investigation. Additionally, the board would also have technical committee, which would have a look in varied aspects of road safety starting from civil engineering, to vehicle construction, safety equipment and more.

Apart from rapid expansion and upgradation of road network, the advisory board would look into varied aspects of enforcement of high safety standards for vehicles. And the Government next move would be actively taking keen interest in the safety of the roads.

Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport and Highways was present for Autocar Awards, he stated, Automobile engineering as well as Road engineering both are significant. He further added, most of the time, everyone tends to blame the driver, if accident happens, one should understand, the major culprit for the accident is road engineering.

Mr. Gadkari, also highlighted, identification of both black spots and subsequent need for rectification of these black spots, is the need of the hour.

So far, we have already improved above 5,000 to 6,000 black spots. Presently we have submitted scheme, which costs around Rs. 14,000 crores to the World Bank and ADB to improve black spots on the roads, especially for state highways, district roads and corporation roads. The minister stated, we are extremely cautious, about National highways too.

The new board’s role would be, to become an advisory body to the Government and time to time offer advice on creating policies and matters or standard relating to road safety, road construction in hilly areas, vehicle design standards and more.