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Girder Launchers for Metro Railway Projects

The girder launcher consists of lifting devices and a supporting structure for lifting precast beams and precast bridge segments in position for assembling. A launching girder usually consists of main trusses (“girders”) and lifting devices that would move horizontally along the trusses while suspending/lifting...

Somero Laser Screed ® machines for flatter road construction

Equipped with a powerful engine and four-wheel drive system, S-158C Laser Screed® machine delivers flatter roads while maintaining excellent handling and high-quality concrete leveling performance. The machine’s automatic laser control system ensures an accurate level finish through the use of electro-hydraulic controls. Laser receivers...

Truck-mounted Pothole Patching machine from Durapatcher

There is a necessity for high-performance pothole machines with technologies that apply to flexible pavements and can provide sustainable solutions. Each type of Pothole Patching machine has its advantages and the range of applications varies from quantity per day to availability of raw materials...

Patented Laser Screed® machine for faster and flatter floors

One of the greatest benefits of laser screed® is that they can achieve laser-precise flatness and levelness every single time. Floors are typically flatter, stronger, and more level than those produced by conventional methods. Laser screeds allow you to get more work done with...

Tower crane Anti-Collision device with Safe load Indication

Tower crane with Anti-Collision device
The anti-collision device prevents collision with nearby structures, buildings, trees and other tower cranes working in the close vicinity. The component is critical as it provides total safety coverage to the tower cranes. In India, one of the key players providing anti-collision devices is...

Heavy-Duty Hydrostatic Drive Powers Ammann ARS 121

Ammann ARS 121
Soil compactors are used to rearrange particles, reduce the void ratio, and increase density. Soil compaction improves the shear strength and load-bearing capacity of the soil. Improper soil compaction results in structural distress from the excessive settlement – both total and differential. It is...




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