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highway pavements

Structural layers and types of highway pavements

A highway pavement consists of layers of processed materials above the natural soil subgrade, whose primary function is to distribute the applied vehicle loads...
Ajax ARGOs

‘All New CEV Stage-IV’ compliant Ajax ARGOs Launched

AJAX in continuation of its “Customer First” philosophy has now introduced the All new CEV Stage-IV compliant ARGOs with best-in-class features like CRDi Engine,...
mini excavators in India

Various Applications of Mini Excavators in India

As the spaces become more confined, carrying out excavation processes is becoming a challenging task. Mini excavators have emerged as the ideal solution. It...
types of dozers and blades

Different types of dozers and blades used in construction

The word “dozer” goes back to the 19th century when it was denoted as an operating mechanism attached to the front of track-type tractors....

Types of pile driving equipments and their uses

Pile driving is a method used to drive piles into the soil, to provide foundation support for buildings and structures. Piles can be fabricated...
trenchless methods

Trenchless methods for new installation & restoration of underground pipe

The trenchless construction methods can be used for the new installation or restoration of existing underground piping infrastructure with minimal disturbance to surface traffic....




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