Diamond polishing pads for concrete surface

Diamond polishing pads
Concrete floor

Diamond polishing pads are resin-bonded diamond abrasives used for the grinding and polishing of natural stone, engineered stone and concrete. The word diamond in the name comes from the synthetic (man-made) diamond powder that is used to make these polishing pads. Various types of resins are used along with synthetic diamond powder to make the diamond polishing pads.

The main advantages of diamond polishing pads include durability and versatility. Additionally, it’s easy to learn how to use these pads, and there is a minimum learning curve. You can use diamond polishing pads for various surfaces.

Surie Polex diamond polishing pads

Surie Polex is providing a range of diamond polishing pads for a wide variety of applications like marble, granite and concrete polishing and on many different machines such as floor polishers and hand polishers. The most popular diamond polishing pad by far is DCRPD and it is used with handheld high-speed angle grinder machines. It is mainly used for edge polishing of granite. The other popular diamond polishing pad (known as DCRF, also referred to as a flexible polishing pad. This is because they are thin (typically in the range of 2mm-5mm) and the hook-and-loop backer used allows them to flex easily. There are even thicker pads that are made for specialised applications like floor polishing of concrete. Special types of pads are also being manufactured by Surie Polex to grind and polish limestone, sandstone, cementitious terrazzo and epoxy terrazzo.

About Surie Polex

Surie Polex is India’s largest manufacturer of diamond polishing pads. Diamond polishing pads are used with hand polishing machines, angle grinders, floor polishing machines and slab polishing machines. They are used for polishing floors, edges, corners, mouldings etc. Diamond polishing pads can be flexible or rigid based on the application.

For more details, visit: https://www.suriepolex.com/product/resin-bond-diamond-for-marble/flexible-diamond-polishing-pads