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Drones in India

Drones in India; New Rules declared & PLI scheme approved

The rise in demand for construction drones can be attributed to the rapid development of the construction industry across India, as this...
Artificial Intelligence in Construction Management

Trends of Artificial Intelligence in Construction Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) approaches have been developed since the upcoming of Information Technologies beginning in the 1950s. With rising computing power, the...
Building Architecture Trends

The Building Architecture Trends You Need To Know

The complexity of the structures is increasing by the day as demands for multi-faceted projects incorporating residential, commercial and other aspects are...
Shear Wall

What is a Shear Wall? – Its different functions and types

Shear wall is a structural member used to resist lateral forces that are designed to resist in-plane lateral forces, typically wind and...
Types of beams

Types of beams used in buildings and structures

Beams are structural elements used in building and structures that resist loads applied laterally to their axis. They typically transfer loads imposed...
Computer-Aided Design

Computer-Aided Design [CAD] in construction – advantages and types

Computer-Aided Design is a software used by structural engineers, architects, contractors and project managers to create precise drawings and illustrations of...
Shuttle Stacker Parking systems

Different types of automated parking system

An automated car parking is a mechanical system used to park a large number of cars in the minimum space available. The...
Building Information Modeling

The Application of Building Information Modeling in Construction

BIM technology can use several techniques to provide support, that is, construction simulation, information statistics, so that the management of the various...
smart city

Different types of technologies for smart cities

Smart cities that leverage connected technology across their operations reap a host of benefits. Effective big data applications and strategies provide a...




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