Conplast WL Xtra

FOSguard Conplast WL Xtra Integral waterproofing admixture

Integral waterproofing prevents the movement of water through the concrete by plugging or blocking the natural pores, capillaries and micro-cracks, thereby making concrete its...

Waterproofing Sealing Membrane PROMEM 280F for Wet Areas

A waterproofing sealing membrane is a layer of water-tight material that is laid onto a surface to prevent water leaks or damage. They can...

Methods for waterproofing your swimming pool

Swimming pools come in all different types, designs, sizes, and shapes and are used for various purposes. To maintain a swimming pool it is...
Tunnel Waterproofing

Tunnel Waterproofing – Different Components and Types

Tunnel waterproofing is one challenging work undertaken. This type of waterproofing systems are faced with very strict requirements regarding durability, exposure, sustainability, and stress...
Terrace Garden

How to waterproof your terrace for a green wet area garden?

A garden you grow on the roof, terrace or balcony of your house is known as a Terrace Garden. With  urbanization and no space...
basement waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing; Need & Different Membranes Used For It

Basement water ingress can lead to problems with a building. Underground water and groundwater is the main source of water which will enter a...
Sunken slabs

Sunken Slab; method, advantages and applications

Sunken slabs are cement-based slabs used for waterproofing. It is a kind of slab casted to prevent water leakages in the underground pipes. The...

DIP App for Residence, Commercial & Industrial Building Problems

DIP - “Do It Professionals” is an app that connects service providers to service seekers for various types of construction chemicals required for civil...
Waterproofing membrane

Waterproofing membranes – types and applications

A waterproofing membrane is a layer of water-tight material that is laid onto a surface to prevent water leaks or damage. Waterproofing membranes generally...




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