Monday, September 26, 2022


concrete deck waterproofing membrane

Types of concrete deck waterproofing membrane

The concrete deck is prone to water ingress, water may drip through cracks or other surfaces, which may inevitably decay the surrounding area. In...

Waterproofing with Sealing Membrane PRONIL PROMEM

Water ingress in buildings can cause significant impact on structural and safety issues. The source can be external, such as rainwater, leaky roof water...

PRONIL acrylic & bentonite hydrophilic waterstops for construction joints

Hydrophilic waterstops are installed in concrete structures to prevent water from leaking from or into joints by swelling when in contact with water and...
Structural waterproofing for Roofs with Blueshield PmB

Structural Waterproofing- Blueshield PmB for Roofs, Podia & Balconies

The trend for outdoor living has led to a demand for external balconies, green roofs and podia. The areas can be aesthetically pleasing, and...

Spray Applied Waterproofing for Podia, Green Roofs & Balconies

Roofs, podia & balconies place very high demands on the waterproofing material used, particularly in areas where there are residential buildings, underlying offices, or...
Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation Waterproofing by welding of geomembranes

The foundation of a building is directly exposed to moisture from the subsoil. That is why it is necessary to seal the ground and...
waterproofing membrane

Different applications of waterproofing membrane

Waterproofing is crucial in protecting a building and ensuring that the structure is usable for generations yet it is the most neglected process. The...
Liquid applied membrane for waterproofing

Liquid applied membrane for waterproofing of concrete structures

Concrete expands and shrinks causing cracks under high or low temperatures causing water seepage. Construction defects, the existence of critical points for waterproofing or...
Waterproofing your basement

Waterproofing your basement – methods and products

Basements are often fully or partially exposed to the surrounding soil and groundwater, resulting in specific exposure and stress from the prevailing permanent or...