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Repair & Rehabilitation

Structural Strengthening

Structural Strengthening & Retrofitting Contractor in India

Structural retrofitting of structures needs to be designed with consideration for the anticipated or desired remaining service life of the structure. A...
Corrosion Prevention Methods

Different types of Corrosion Prevention Methods

Corrosion generally occurs when most or all of the atoms on the same metal surface are oxidized, damaging the entire surface. Most...
Structural Health Monitoring System

Smart Structural Health Monitoring System

Structural health monitoring is a method of recording, processing and evaluating measurement data to detect structural changes, damage and critical stress levels...
turnkey flooring contractor

Industrial turnkey flooring contractor in India

Experiva Engineering India is a specialized industrial turnkey industrial contractor for flooring and rehabilitation and restoration of structures. The designed engineering systems...
repair work

Different types of repair and rehabilitation solutions

The deterioration of Reinforced Concrete structures is recognized as a major problem worldwide. Apart from requiring regular maintenance, many structures require extensive...
Structural repair

Structural repair and rehabilitation services from Sanrachana

SANRACHANA is taking forward the philosophy of reliability and value for money for the services offered. The team is committed to taking...




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