Monday, September 26, 2022

Stratus Steel – Significance of LGSF

The construction industry is moving at a much faster rate with the innovations coming in for both- the planning phase (software and applications) and...
Prefabricated construction using LGSF technology

Stratus Steel prefabricated construction using LGSF technology

The concept of prefabrication is gaining prominence in the Indian construction market. The entry of prefabricated homes in India has paved the way to...

Stratus Steel: The largest and most equipped LGSF manufacturer in India

The story behind Stratus Steel: The parent group, MGI India since 2000 has successfully endeavored into bringing operating room technology into India and offering its...

Stratus Steel adopting LGSF technology in India

The LGSF (https://stratus-steel.com/) technology has seen a rapid rise in the demand for mass affordable housing projects. There is a need for rapid construction...
LGSF Structure

Components of LGSF Structure

Light Gauge Steel Framing (https://stratus-steel.com/) is a construction technology using cold-formed steel as the construction material. It can be used for roof systems, floor...
Rapid Construction

Why Choose LGSF when planning Rapid Construction?

What might be better for a reasonable customer when an excellent, high-quality structure is offered in comparatively less time while being pocket friendly? All...
How Wall, Floor and Roof System Work in LGSF?

How Wall, Floor and Roof System Work in LGSF?

In the early days, the light gauge steel framing was utilized for the construction of large structures like huge buildings, warehouses or garages, but...
LGSF Technology

LGSF Technology for Rapid Construction in India

Times are changing in construction with the evolution of newer technology. Rapid construction and the huge demand for energy efficient construction materials are on...
LGSF fire-resistant

Fire-resistance benefits of Light Gauge Steel Frame

The construction industry across the world is adopting the light gauge steel frame way of construction for the many benefits it offers- cost-efficient, durable,...