Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint Treatment using PROSEAL

PRONIL PROSEAL is a Thermoplastic Elastomer high-performance joint and crack sealing tape for construction joints, expansion (movement) joints and connection joints or...
floor cracks

Mitigating floor cracks with proper types of joints

Concrete is rigid in structure, much like glass, it does not bend or stretch without cracking. Concrete's high compressive strength and hardness...
Metal Expansion joints

Different types of Metal Expansion Joints

Metal expansion joints are compensating elements for thermal expansion and relative movement. They consist of one or more metal bellows, connectors at...
Concrete Joints

Different Types of Concrete Joints

Joint is a separation provided in a building that allows it’s component parts to move with respect to each other; a joint where two...
construction joint

Joints in Concrete Construction – Building Structure

The purpose of a construction joint is to allow for some horizontal movement, while being rigid against rotational and vertical movement.
local building code

Joints in Concrete Construction

A building joint is a junction where building elements meet without applying a static load from one element to another. When one...

Joints in construction – all you need to know

Joints in construction uphold the same importance as it does for anybody. It is the soul of the structure that upholds. The...

Highest level of quality standards in joints

The vision of Joints & Seals Pvt. Ltd. is to achieve excellence in each one of the projects we undertake and execute. Thereby...




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