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Fast-setting Seamless Polished Screed

Fast-setting Seamless Polished Screed from Avcon Technics

If you are planning on polishing a new or existing concrete floor, you need to evaluate the condition of the concrete surface. First off,...
Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing – advantages and different product types

An inexpensive alternative to removing and replacing existing aged, spalled concrete can be offered by resurfacing concrete. If you have concrete that starts to reveal...
Sports providing

Apex Sport providing Indoor and outdoor Sports Flooring

Installing high-quality sports flooring ensures the comfort, safety, and physical health of the athletes. Sports floors give athletes the ultimate freedom of movement and...

Epoxy resin for marble floor surface treatment

Marble floor surface requires meticulous care and attention. It can be prone to damage and imperfections that can take away from its natural glow...

Repair products for Industrial flooring from AVCON Technics

The deterioration in concrete flooring occurs in the form of cracks. This is caused by several factors including water ingress, expansion and contraction and...

Stone Finishing Abrasives for Glossy Floor Finish

Stone finishing abrasives are an important tool for mechanically processing marble and granite These finishing abrasives are all used as the last step of...
Polished floor refurbishing with PU cement composite

Polished floor refurbishing with PU cement composite (PUCC)

Polished concrete floor industrial application is well established and widely accepted. It serves to provide a durable smooth surface, capable of withstanding static and...
Decorative / Architectural Flooring Solution from DecoCon

Decorative / Architectural Flooring Solution from DecoCon

With the change in time, design concepts keep changing with advancement in technology, whether its general engineering or interior designs. It is said that...
floor joints

Types of floor joints and their advantages

Joints are an important part of all concrete floors and their design and construction require careful attention. The improper use of a right joint...

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