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ESD floorings

Neocrete ESD Protective Coatings for Electrostatic Protected Area

Static charge is said to be created in a body or material by the accumulation of either positive or negative charge and...
Curling of Concrete Slabs

Curling of Concrete Slabs; Causes and how to prevent it

The curling in the concrete slab refers to the distortion of a slab into a curved shape by upward or downward bending...
Parking Deck Floor Coatings

Case Study – Parking Deck Floor Coatings

Parking deck flooring not only keeps your deck looking new but also can add to the life of your deck. You need...
concrete delamination

Concrete Delamination – how to avoid it !

Concrete delamination refers to the separation of the paste layer of concrete from the concrete surface. The paste layer of the concrete...
Staircase Safety Systems

Advanced Staircase Safety Systems for High-Rise Buildings

The staircase in a high-rise tower is the most important, but most-neglected part of the building. Most people do not need to...
Self- Levelling Cementitious screed

Self – Levelling Cementitious Screed for Industrial Flooring

The flooring industry has always placed a strong emphasis on smooth and level concrete surfaces upon which to install resilient flooring. With...
Concrete Crazing

What is Concrete Crazing and how can we avoid it?

Crazing in concrete floors is the development of random cracks or fissures on the surface of concrete caused by shrinkage of the...
Industrial Flooring Contractor

Turn-Key Industrial Flooring Contractor based in Delhi

Experiva Engineering India is a specialized turnkey Industrial Flooring contractor providing Repair of old floors and laying new concrete industrial floors and...
Stamped concrete flooring

Advantages, Methods & Applications of Stamped Concrete Flooring

Stamped concrete flooring also known as patterned concrete or imprinted concrete, uses rubber stamps designed from “real stone” molds to imprint the...

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