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microtopping flooring

Advantages and Applications of Neocoat UTM microtopping flooring

A micro-topping is a cementitious polymer mixture applied in very low thicknesses starting from 1mm to 3mm coat used to either achieve a completely...
Planetary Floor Grinder

Planetary Floor Grinder for Concrete Polishing

Floor grinders are used to grind and polish the floor or sometimes just to grind the floor for surface preparation. Floor grinders can be...

The guidelines for the installation of Epoxy/PU floorings

Almost all industries in India today have epoxy/PU floorings in their plant area to provide seamless, joint-less, aesthetic, chemical-resistant, hygienic, dust-free atmosphere. An overall...
Surie Polex Ride On Trowel Machine

A guide to Trowel Polished Concrete Floors

When a concrete floor is polished using a trowel machine it is called Trowel Polished Concrete. Ride-on trowel machines were originally designed for trowelling...
Terrazzo Flooring executed by Experiva Engineering

Terrazzo flooring for industrial and commercial applications

Terrazzo flooring combines chips of marble, quartz, glass, granite, or other materials safely inside a binding material. There are many terrazzo flooring advantages. It...
Epoxy/ PU Flooring Systems

Epoxy/ PU Flooring Systems and their benefits for Pharmaceutical Industry

Have you ever wondered how the tablets, syrups, capsules, tonics, injections etc, we consume on a daily basis have been manufactured? You wonder If...
Concrete Overlay

Concrete Overlay of floor; advantages, types and application method

Concrete overlay is done over existing concrete floors for repair and decorative reasons. It could be colored or cementitious based. A well-designed and constructed...
ESD floorings

Neocrete ESD Protective Coatings for Electrostatic Protected Area

Static charge is said to be created in a body or material by the accumulation of either positive or negative charge and is generally...
Curling of Concrete Slabs

Curling of Concrete Slabs; Causes and how to prevent it

The curling in the concrete slab refers to the distortion of a slab into a curved shape by upward or downward bending of the...

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