Non-Shrink Grout

High strength and Non-Shrink Cementitious Grout Additives

A non-shrinking grout is used when used stays of the same size as the volume of the mixture poured, or higher than the original...

Injection grouting system- advantages, methods and applications

Injection grouting system can be deemed a reinforcement technique due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of construction. It is a process of application of...

Grouting procedures for post-tensioning system

Grouting is very essential for post-tensioned elements for the protection of high tensile steel elements as well as for better behavior at the ultimate...

Machinery Base Plate Grouting For Concrete Foundation

Heavy machinery and rotary equipment cannot simply be installed on a concrete foundation since irregularities in both the machine base and concrete surface will...
types of grout

What are the types of grout used in construction?

A grout is any viscous, packable material that can be used to fill the space between two elements for bonding them or to create a...




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