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Different types of Exterior Flooring

When you choose tiling to cover the floor of your patio, terrace, outdoor entertainment room or poolside deck and walkway, you will gain major...
Cement Terrazzo Flooring

Polyacrylate Cement Terrazzo Flooring

Cement terrazzo tiles were in vogue for a long time in India. However, cast-in-situ cement terrazzo floorings have got the fancy of designers in...

Resilient Flooring Installation

Flexible PVC or linoleum flooring can be used virtually anywhere, from buildings to trains. In order to ensure that these floor coverings are durable...
epoxy floor coating

Epoxy floor coating – advantages, types and application method

Epoxy floor coatings are specialized, two-part mixture that consists of resin and a hardener to form a hard plastic coating. As it is mixed,...
Epoxy and PU composite Flooring

Water-based Epoxy and PU composite Flooring Systems

Specialty flooring systems have foreseen huge demand due to customized requirements and demand for eco-friendly flooring solutions. Water-based Epoxy & PU Composite Flooring systems...

The guidelines for the installation of Epoxy/PU floorings Part – II

In part I of this article (which appeared in Jan issue), we dealt with the pre‐installation guidelines and in this part II, we will...
Flooring Restoration

Flooring Restoration with Epoxy Hybrid Rolls

The increasing customer's and applicator's demand for quickly fixing their epoxy or PU floor damages which are mainly due to abrasions caused by humans,...
3D/Metallic epoxy flooring

Advantages and applications of 3D/Metallic epoxy flooring

Decorative concrete flooring has allowed designers to achieve an endless variety of colors and textures. With decorative floorings color can be mixed into the...

The guidelines for the installation of Epoxy/PU floorings Part – I

Almost all industries in India today have epoxy/PU floorings in their plant area to provide seamless, joint-less, aesthetic, chemical-resistant, hygienic, dust-free atmosphere. An overall...

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