welded wire mesh

What are the different types and applications of welded wire mesh?

Welded wire mesh is made of intertwined wires which are welded together at regular intervals with equal gaping, thereby forming a barrier....
Metal Surface Protection System

Metal Surface Protection System – Technology in India

Steel structures are not immune to corrosive and saline environments. Welded joints is another cause of high rates of corrosion. In many...
Epoxy Coated TMT Bars

Epoxy Coated Rebar- manufacturing, advantages & applications

Epoxy Coated Rebar acts as a barrier system intended to prevent moisture and chlorides from eroding the surface of the reinforcing bar....
Nanotechnology in Concrete

Nanotechnology in Concrete; An overview of demand and innovation

Nanotechnology allows for the control and intervention in material properties at the nanoscale and, therefore, at the molecular level. Nanotechnology is an...

Specially- Formulated Chemical mould releasing agent

A chemical mould releasing agent prevents certain materials from adhering to each other. Not adding a release agent will cause these materials...
Ultra-high-performance Concrete

Ultra-high-performance concrete [UHPC] – advantages and applications

Ultra-high-performance concrete- UHPC is an advanced cementitious material with high strength and excellent durability. It offers the potential to become a practical...




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