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TenCate Geotube® Dewatering technology

TenCate Geotube® Dewatering technology

TenCate Geotube® dewatering containers are an effective dewatering technology fabricated from a specially engineered textile that provides confinement of the fine solids inside the...
Sewage Treatment Plant

Geotube® Dewatering Technology in Sewage Treatment Plants

In the current scenario of an influx of rural population to urban and semi-urban areas in search of livelihood, there is an unprecedented impact...

Advantages and Applications of Shotcrete Technology

‘Shotcrete’ is concrete conveyed through a hose andpneumatically projected at high velocity at the projected surface,as a construction technique. It is a sprayed concrete...
Conplast WL Xtra

FOSguard Conplast WL Xtra Integral waterproofing admixture

Integral waterproofing prevents the movement of water through the concrete by plugging or blocking the natural pores, capillaries and micro-cracks, thereby making concrete its...
Dry Mix Plant

Manufacturers of Dry Mix Mortar and Plasticizer Plants in India

If you are looking for a high-performance plant to manufacture Dry Mix Mortar and Plasticizers, Frigmaires Engineers is here to help. The company is...

PROSEAL Joint Sealing System for Expansion Joint Treatment

PRONIL PROSEAL is a flexible sealing tape, thin and extra-tough elastic strip with considerable longitudinal and lateral extension. It is a Thermoplastic Elastomer high-performance...




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