Monday, September 26, 2022

Construction Technologies – Design

Structural Health Monitoring System

Smart Structural Health Monitoring System

Structural health monitoring is a method of recording, processing and evaluating measurement data to detect structural changes, damage and critical stress levels at an...
Performance Based Design for Structures

Performance Based Design for Structures

Performance-Based Design is an approach to the design of any complexity of structures including high-rise apartments and office buildings. A structure constructed is required...
Construction Management Software

Choosing the right Construction Management Software

Construction management software is a type of software that is used to manage the construction process from project inception to its completion to address...
Road drainage system

Types of Road Drainage systems & their features 

The road drainage system is used for the removal and disposal of water from the surface as well as subsurface water. It maintains the...
floating foundation

What is a floating foundation? Its advantages and construction method

Settlement of the foundation is one of the major problems that impact buildings and structures. Several factors cause settlement of the foundation such as...
Hybrid Construction Techniques and Materials in Construction Project

Hybrid Construction Techniques and Materials in Construction Project

In India, responding to the ever-increasing housing needs of a growing population at a rate of 1.3 % per year has become a challenge...

Digital tools transforming Interior Design Projects

It can be challenging for construction business owners to be confident in their plans for their company in 2022 when it’s unknown how larger...

Shell Structure; advantages, types and applications

A shell is a thin-structural element used in a building composed of curved sheets of materials dividing the interior space of the structure from...
Warehouse storage system and Material Handling Equipment

Warehouse storage systems and Material Handling Equipments

The importance of having good flooring in the warehouse is pivotal, as it takes the burden of tonnes of the weight of racking and...
Project Management Software in Construction

The Use of Project Management Software in Construction

Information technology and project management are evolving more than ever, expect the review of the history of project management software in the future will...