basement waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing; Need & Different Membranes Used For It

Basement water ingress can lead to problems with a building. Underground water and groundwater is the main source of water which will...
Sunken slabs

Sunken Slab; method, advantages and applications

Sunken slabs are cement-based slabs used for waterproofing. It is a kind of slab casted to prevent water leakages in the underground...

DIP App for Residence, Commercial & Industrial Building Problems

DIP - “Do It Professionals” is an app that connects service providers to service seekers for various types of construction chemicals required...
Waterproofing membrane

Waterproofing membranes – types and applications

A waterproofing membrane is a layer of water-tight material that is laid onto a surface to prevent water leaks or damage. Waterproofing...
Concrete Deck Waterproofing

Concrete Deck Waterproofing Membranes

The concrete deck is prone to water ingress, water may drip through cracks or other surfaces, which may inevitably decay the surrounding...
Cementitious Waterproof Coating

Cementitious Waterproof Coating – advantages, products & applications

The cementitious waterproof coating can be described as two-component breathable, seamless coatings used to provide positive and negative side waterproofing protection on...
Do It By Professionals

Do It By Professionals App for Concrete Problems

DIP is your “Do It Professionals” is an app that connects service providers to service seekers for various types of construction chemicals...
Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete Waterproofing with the biochemically modified chemical solution

Concrete has the potential to be one of the longest-lasting materials in history – the Egyptian pyramids in Ancient Egypt were even...
roof waterproofing membranes

Different types of roof waterproofing membranes

A roof waterproofing membrane must be strong, flexible, tear-resistant and elastic so that it can stretch to cover cracks and also move...
Leak- Proof Waterproofing System

Leak- Proof Waterproofing System for Long-Term Utility

Waterproofing of structures is a tricky problem in building construction, mainly because of the surface alignment issues. This can lead to water...




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