Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Synthetic Macro Fibers for reinforced concrete

FIBERCRETE – Synthetic Macro Fibers for reinforced concrete

Fiber Reinforced Concrete is increasingly being recognized for their technical and cost advantages. Research is increasingly demonstrating the technical and economic benefits of including...

Relinforce™ product lines rehabilitation and strengthening of structures

A structure may require rehabilitation and strengthening due to upgrading of design standards, increased safety requirements, change in its function, loads can increase or...
CFRP reinforcement method using RELinforce™ range of products

Retrofitting of Princess Street Flyover with RELinforce™

A structure may require retrofitting due to upgrading of design standards, increased safety requirements, change in its function, loads can increase or higher building...
Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Impact capacity and Toughness of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

SFRC is a composite material having fibres characterized by a significant residual tensile strength to absorb strain energy due to fiber bridging mechanisms. It...
Structural Strengthening of Jamnagar Jetty

Structural Strengthening of Jamnagar Jetty with RELinforce™

The load-bearing capacity deteriorates in the jetties due to higher than anticipated live loads, changes to the structural condition, corrosion or defects in the...
Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concrete – Types and Advantages

Concrete undergoes dynamic loading and rigorous environmental conditions. The development of shrinkage cracks in plain cement concrete is a major problem. To overcome this...
carbon fibre wrapping system

Carbon Fibre Wrapping System for structural strengthening

Carbon Fibre Wrapping System is a solution for structural strengthening. Carbon fibre has very high tensile strength and is also very lightweight. When bonded...
shrinkage crack

FIBERCRETE – WF (Waved Macro Fiber) for shrinkage crack control

Fibrillated polypropylene micro fibers are usually used in concrete to control cracking due to plastic shrinkage and drying shrinkage. They also reduce the permeability...
Fiber-reinforced concrete

Fiber-reinforced concrete – Advantages, types and applications

Fiber Reinforced Concrete is a composite material consisting of fibrous material which increases its structural integrity. It includes mixtures of cement, mortar or concrete...
Fiber Reinforced Cohesive Soil

Compressibility Properties of Fiber Reinforced Cohesive Soil

Fiber reinforcement is an established method for strengthening soil. The present work examines the influence of discrete coir and polypropylene fiber reinforcement (separately) on...