hydrophobic impregnation

Why is hydrophobic impregnation important for concrete protection?

Exposure to environmental elements can lead to the ingress of water, moisture, chlorides and chemicals in concrete which can lead to corrosion of reinforcement...
Non - Structural Crack

Non – Structural Cracks in Concrete Slabs

Cracks in concrete slabs are caused by several variables including shrinkage, environmental effect, inadequate design and overloading from seasonal temperature changes, and sun exposure....

The Investigation of Cracks and Repair Methods in Buildings

Building cracks are the most common problem found in any type of building. We all love to have a house which is structurally safe...

ACC Ltd launched new innovative products during the pandemic

ACC Ltd, one of the leading producers of cement and ready-mix concrete, launched new innovative products during the COVID-19 pandemic. These launches demonstrate the...
Innovations in Concrete

New Innovations in Concrete for better performance and sustainability

While concrete has always been a primary material on job sites, its popularity poses a problem for those advocates seeking greener construction methods and...
Concrete Mould Release Agent

Ready-to-use Concrete Mould Release Agent

A chemical mould releasing agent prevents certain materials from adhering to each other. Not adding a release agent will cause these materials to bond,...
Do It By Professionals

Do It By Professionals App for Concrete Problems

DIP is your “Do It Professionals” is an app that connects service providers to service seekers for various types of construction chemicals required for...
Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection methods for Steel Reinforcement in Concrete

Concrete protection methods for steel reinforcement in concrete is needed due to corrosion. It is a natural process that converts a refined metal...
Metal Surface Protection System

Metal Surface Protection System – Technology in India

Steel structures are not immune to corrosive and saline environments. Welded joints is another cause of high rates of corrosion. In many Industries welding...
Nanotechnology in Concrete

Nanotechnology in Concrete; An overview of demand and innovation

Nanotechnology allows for the control and intervention in material properties at the nanoscale and, therefore, at the molecular level. Nanotechnology is an emerging field...




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