Monday, September 26, 2022


apparent concrete

Apparent Concrete: Advantages and how to Use it in the Project

The exposed concrete is a constructive technique where the concrete, a component of the structure of the buildings, remains visible in the architecture of...
ready-mix concrete

Going for ready-mix concrete for small to big infrastructure projects

Ready-mix concrete is concrete that is manufactured in a factory or within a batch plant based on specific mix designs. The mix design consists...
Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing – advantages and different product types

An inexpensive alternative to removing and replacing existing aged, spalled concrete can be offered by resurfacing concrete. If you have concrete that starts to reveal...
underwater concreting methods

Types of underwater concreting methods

Underwater concreting is used for placing fresh concrete for offshore construction. It is used for sewerage, ducts, ports, bridges and marine works, in which...

Waffle slabs construction and advantages

A waffle slab is a two-way joist slab system reinforced with concrete ribs constructed in the perpendicular direction of each other. These are laid...

Causes, preventive and repair methods for Concrete scaling

Concrete scaling is the flaking or peeling of a hardened concrete surface. It is caused due to hydraulic pressures caused by the expansion of...
Sealing concrete cracks with MC-Bauchemie India crack repair products

Repair products for sealing concrete cracks

Cracks occur in the concrete over time despite good quality control. Cracks are one of the signs that indicate damaged or distressed structures. However,...
Silica Fume

Silica Fume for High Performance Concrete

Silica Fumes has been used as a mineral admixture to improve concrete properties since the 1950s. Commercial development of the material began in the...
Mineral Based Injection

Mineral Based Injection for Multiple Project Applications

Damp walls, cracked ceilings, cavities, voids and unstable foundation soil all represent significant dangers to structural soundness. Injection systems can make a sustainable contribution...
Ready Mix Concrete

The Good Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mixed Concrete is made with a mix of portland cement, water, and aggregates such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone. It is manufactured...