Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Bridge Management Analytics

Bridge Management Analytics for Sustainability and Economy

Bridge management plays a significant role in the sustainability of infrastructure. This has become more relevant since the world over bridges are aging and...
Dynamic & Real Time Bridge Management

Towards Performance Based Dynamic & Real Time Bridge Management

Structural health monitoring (SHM) only provides a perspective for online analysis, prediction, and early warning. Integration with Bridge management enhances this capability. SHM has...

Paradigm Shift – Performance Driven Bridge Management

Deterioration models are the key to initiation of bridge management system. Initial concept was based on symptoms of distress. This was upgraded in first...
bridge Abutment

Different types of Bridge Abutments

A bridge abutment is a vertical structure that connects the deck of a bridge to the ground. It is constructed at the end of...
Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges

An overview of Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges

Steel-concrete composite bridges are used as an alternative to concrete bridges because of their ability to adapt their geometry to design constraints and the...
Hydraulic bridge

Hydraulic bridge advantages and types

The hydraulic bridge also known as "moving bridge" is a bridge that is used to allow seaside traffic through a body of water. In...
Arch bridge

What are different components and types of arch bridge?

Arch bridge as it consists of horizontal thrust developed is restrained by the abutments provided at each end of the bridge. It is curve-shaped...
bridge construction

Different types of methods for bridge construction

Bridges are a common feature of the built environment and one of the key elements of civil engineering. The basic principles of bridge design...

Performing Remaining-Life Analysis for Bridges & Infra

I am going to assume a few things here. You are an infrastructure asset owner or a chief/executive engineer or a minister. You were...
steel bridge structure

Steel bridge structure – advantages, elements and components

Steel bridges are widely used around the world in different structural forms with different span length, such as highway bridges, railway bridges, and footbridges....