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Roofing - Tensile membrane

commercial and industrial roofing

An overview of commercial and industrial roofing types

The roof can be deemed as the first line of defense for commercial or industrial buildings, protecting from natural hazards such as wind, rain,...
Roofing across various sectors

Roofing across various sectors and their applications

The roof is a commercial or infrastructural building’s first line of defense from natural hazards such as wind, rain, fire, hail, ice, snow, and...
Varimat V2

Automatic Welding machines to avoid overlap: Proven On All Roofs

You can easily weld flat roofs and waterproof membranes made of thermoplastics (PVC, TPO) and bitumen. Leister has various automatic welding machines for different...
Roof Leaking

Is Your Roof Leaking? Follow These Steps to Repair Your Roof

If you have found water leaking through your ceiling, it is important to take action and repair the roof as soon as possible. A...


Buildings constitute a major part of the Finish national wealth. We simply cannot afford its premature decay. A healthy building can only exist under...

Parapet Wall – Types and benefits

A parapet wall is a low protective structural layer that is built adjacent to a roof. It provides continuity and support in terms of...
Roofing Materials for Commercial Buildings

Common Roofing Materials for Commercial Buildings

A commercial building's roofing material is one of its essential components. As establishment owners, they must ensure that the material they choose will match...

Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Roofing

There are many different parts of a building that each has a role in fulfilling. One crucial building part is the walls. They must...
roof insulation

Roof insulation types and materials used for buildings

Roof insulation method to prevent heat penetration from the outside environment to inside of the building. The method provides temperature stability and prevents unwanted...
Asphalt roofing shingles

Asphalt roofing shingles; advantages, materials and types

Asphalt roofing shingles are composed of asphalt-saturated bases made from either organic materials or fiberglass. Organic shingles are a combination of waste paper, asphalt,...