PEB & Steel


Structural System in High-Rise Building

The structural system of a high-rise building is designed to cope with vertical gravity loads as well as lateral loads caused by wind or...
structural steel framing

Different types of structural steel framing

Structural steel framing refers to a building frame where the vertical and horizontal structural elements are formed by a system of structural steel beams...
Structural steel fabrication

Structural steel fabrication – advantages, process & applications

Structural steel fabrication is the process of bending, cutting, and modelling steel to form a structure. For structural steel fabrication pieces of steel are...
Structural Loads

Structural Loads in Pre-engineered Buildings

Structural loads in pre-engineered buildings  are an important consideration in the design of buildings. Building codes require that structures be designed and built to...
steel plant-constrofacilitator

Salasar launches heavy structural steel manufacturing unit in UP

Salasar Techno Engineering has launched its new structural steel manufacturing plant in Hapur of Uttar Pradesh. The newly launched plant is one of the...
frames in PEB

Different types of frames in PEB

In pre-engineered building assembly components are done at the factory and the building components are brought to the site in knock-down condition. An efficiently...
prefabricated sheets

Advantages and different types of prefabricated sheets

In structural engineering, a prefabricated sheet is designed by a manufacturer using a predetermined inventory of raw materials and manufacturing methods that can efficiently...

Steel corrosion – types and structural effects

The corrosion process that takes place on a piece of uncoated steel is very complex. The corrosion of steel can be considered as an...

Design Assembly of Pre-Engineered Building System

Pre-Engineered Building design assembly involves the steel building systems which are predesigned and prefabricated. The basis of the PEB concept lies in providing the...
Tallest Buildings

Design Analysis of 10 Tallest Buildings in the World

The 20th century was surely the century for high-rise buildings. Humans have always been fascinated by height. Whether it be Icarus or the Wright...




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