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Green Cement

Green Cement – Advantages, Types and Potential

The growing world population and the rising need for housing consequently leads to a heavier environmental impact due to the high percentage of carbon...

Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Roofing

There are many different parts of a building that each has a role in fulfilling. One crucial building part is the walls. They must...

Fly Ash for Bricks, Cement and Concrete – The Indian Perspective

India is a resourceful country for fly ash generation with an annual output of over 220 million tons, registering almost 50% escalation during the...

Structural System in High-Rise Building

The structural system of a high-rise building is designed to cope with vertical gravity loads as well as lateral loads caused by wind or...
Modular Universal Formwork

Modular Universal Formwork for hand-set applications

Modular Formwork Systems are easy to assemble and it is much faster than conventional formwork, it saves time, allowing you to pour sooner. The...
building insulation materials

Factors to consider when selecting building insulation materials

You might not have thought of it that much, but insulation is vital in keeping the efficiency and functionality of your commercial building. Insulation...
White cement-based Renderoc Wallputty

FOSguard White cement-based Renderoc Wallputty

It is now possible to get a flawless paint finish with wall putty. It creates a strong foundation for the paint by providing an...
roof insulation

Roof insulation types and materials used for buildings

Roof insulation method to prevent heat penetration from the outside environment to inside of the building. The method provides temperature stability and prevents unwanted...
Fire-rated Doors

Requirement and advantages of Fire-rated Doors

The technology has advanced and many new ways have been introduced that offer better and stronger security to the buildings. One of these innovations...
structural steel framing

Different types of structural steel framing

Structural steel framing refers to a building frame where the vertical and horizontal structural elements are formed by a system of structural steel beams...




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