Grider Launchers

Girder Launchers for Metro Railway Projects

The girder launcher consists of lifting devices and a supporting structure for lifting precast beams and precast bridge segments in position for assembling. A...
Surie Polex Ride On Trowel Machine

A guide to Trowel Polished Concrete Floors

When a concrete floor is polished using a trowel machine it is called Trowel Polished Concrete. Ride-on trowel machines were originally designed for trowelling...
Terrazzo Flooring executed by Experiva Engineering

Terrazzo flooring for industrial and commercial applications

Terrazzo flooring combines chips of marble, quartz, glass, granite, or other materials safely inside a binding material. There are many terrazzo flooring advantages. It...
Structural strengthening techniques

Structural strengthening techniques for existing building and structures

Structural strengthening may be required for existing concrete building structures for the increased load capacity of beams, columns, walls, and/or slabs, and for supporting...
Somero Laser Screed

Somero Laser Screed ® machines for flatter road construction

Equipped with a powerful engine and four-wheel drive system, S-158C Laser Screed® machine delivers flatter roads while maintaining excellent handling and high-quality concrete leveling...

Construction training programs for knowledge and skill development

The challenge of learning  never ends. The upgradation of new knowledge and skills development is pivotal in today’s scenario. Knowledge and skill must be...
Corrosion Protection Products

Corrosion Protection Products in India

Corrosion is one of the main problems faced by almost all industries.Weather factors high humidity, exposure to salt water and other harsh conditions can...
pothole patching machine

Truck-mounted Pothole Patching machine from Durapatcher

There is a necessity for high-performance pothole machines with technologies that apply to flexible pavements and can provide sustainable solutions. Each type of Pothole...
Construction Training Programs

Construction Training Programs as per Industry Requirement

The growing demand for technology advancement and changing construction practices have made it pivotal for everyone to be aware of the latest trends. Only...
Shotcrete Accelerator

Alkali-Free Shotcrete Accelerator with quick setting property

Shotcrete has been widely used in tunnel, underground, and marine works for providing early support and preventing water seepage. Key performance indicators of the...




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