Equipment Feature

Pneumatic Tyre Roller-Ammann

Pneumatic Tyre Roller for productivity on tough terrain

Ammann Pneumatic Tyred Rollers provide the kneading and sealing effect for job sites increasing productivity on tough terrain. The tyred rollers perform on both...

Pneumatic Tyre Roller for diverse job sites- Ammann’s AP 240

Pneumatic Tyre Roller for diverse job sites is preferred as its applications provide contractors with a better base before paving, achieve a better density...
Ride-On Laser Screed

Somero Ride-On Laser Screed ® for road construction

Somero technology was developed based on a deep understanding of the industry and direct customer engagement that to this day drives them to develop...
ARS 121 Soil Compactor

Ammann ARS 121 Soil Compactor with heavy-duty hydrostatic drive

Soil compactors are used in soil to rearrange the particles and reduce the void ratio and increase soil density. The compaction of soil increases...
Ammann ABC EcoTec Asphalt-Mixing Plant

Advanced Plant Technology At Fraction Of The Cost- From AMMANN

The Ammann ABC EcoTec Asphalt-Mixing Plant provides exceptional technology at a low acquisition price. The plant utilizes multiple coupled geared motors that reduce fuel...
Ammann Soil Compactor

Ammann Soil Compactor with maximum reliability & lower operating cost

Soil compaction is an important and significant process for any construction project and requires special attention and quality compaction equipment to achieve satisfactory results....
CNC rebar processing machines

Faster construction with High-Speed CNC rebar processing machines

At present, the entire construction industry is reeling under immense pressure for timely delivery of projects and minimum labour costs. In high-rise construction, floor-to-floor...
REMA cold recyclers

REMA Cold Recyclers for different road base structures

Cold recyclers have been a prime choice for the preparation of asphalt pavement on-site.  With the cold recyclers, the existing pavement is granulated with the milling and...
Pneumatic Rollers

Ammann’s Pneumatic Tyre Roller for Medium and Large job sites

Pneumatic Rollers provide contractors with a better base before paving, achieve a better density or compaction and improve the look of the finished product. Pneumatic rollers have...
automatic block making machine

Price Competitive Brickwell automatic block making machine

Brickwell’s automatic block making machine makes the production fast and efficient. The effective vibro press systems and complex feeding systems produce each unit with...




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