Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Equipment Article

backhoe loader

Trends in backhoe loaders to look forward in 2022

Backhoe Loader' has been around as common construction equipment in urban engineering and small construction projects. Over the years this construction equipment...
concrete road pavements

An overview of concrete road construction

Concrete roads are made using a concrete mix of portland cement, coarse aggregate, sand, and water. The most important advantage of a...
Trenchless Technology

Trenchless Technology – Methods, Materials, and Equipment

Trenchless technology is the science of installing, repairing and renewing underground Pipes, ducts and cables using techniques which minimize or eliminate the...
Surface Miner

Types of Surface Miner in India

The surface miner is a mobile milling machine with a mechanically driven cutting drum. The drum is located between two sets of...
Piling Rigs

Different types of Piling Rigs in India

Piling rigs are commonly used for drilling in grounds with silty clay and sandy soil and include an impact hammer and a...
Tunnel Boring Machine

An overview of Tunnel Boring Machine

The first boring machine reported to have been built was Henri-Joseph Maus's Mountain Slicer. Commissioned by the King of Sardinia in 1845...
Hydro Excavation-method

Hydro excavation- method and different equipments

The government push for massive construction projects aimed at infrastructural development is expected to steer growth in the coming year. India's Smart...
Off-highway construction equipment

Off-highway construction equipment in India

The focus on public infrastructure development is driving the demand for off-highway construction equipment. Moreover, continued advancements in product technologies, coupled with...
Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

Self-Loading Concrete Mixer in India

The rapid urbanization and growth in construction activity are expected to fuel the demand for self-loading concrete mixers. This coupled with the...
Rebar Bending Machine

Rebar Bending Machine; Advantages and Types

Rebar bending machines are usually used for accuracy of bending angles. The machine is suitable for bending wide varieties of steel bars,...




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