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Asphalt mix

What are the different types of asphalt mixing plants?

Asphalt mix plants are used to create hot mix asphalt. It mixes aggregates and bitumen to create the hot mix paving material....
Boom Pumps

AJAX – Revolutionizing current construction processes with Boom Pumps

AJAX Engineering is offering the truck-mounted, boom pump of 30 meters, mounted on a 4x2 chassis. Their shorter turning radius makes them...
Soil Compaction Equipment

Different models of Soil Compaction Equipment in India

Manufacturers are focusing on coming out with compaction equipment models that are fuel-efficient and require minimal maintenance. With competition, intensifying suppliers are...
heavy hauling infrastructure equipments

Different types of heavy hauling infrastructure equipments

The right hauling equipment plays a key role in the construction and has to transport heavy and oversized loads. To be able...
5th manufacturing facility

Schwing Stetter – 5th manufacturing facility in Cheyyar Tamil Nadu

Schwing Stetter India, one of the largest manufacturers of concrete and construction equipment across the country, today inaugurated its 5th manufacturing facility...
Backhoe Loader Trends

Backhoe Loader; 5 Trends to look forward in the Indian market in 2021

Backhoe loaders are always in high demand in the construction sector owing to their versatility. It is a multipurpose machine fitted with...
AJAX Engineering

AJAX Engineering earmarks INR 100 crores for new manufacturing facility

AJAX, the truly Atma Nirbhar Bharat company with its continued focus on innovation and indigenization expands its footprint to meet the growing...
Skid steer loader

Skid steer loader; Trends to look for the Indian market

Regulated demand from the construction sector coupled with introduction of several state-of-the-art skid steer loader variants with superior features such as compact...
Sustainable Asphalt

What’s New – and What’s Next – in Sustainable Asphalt Production

Sustainability has been part of the roadbuilding conversation for decades. Yet improvements that make the methods and machines more environmentally friendly continue...
Technological Trends

Backhoe Loader: Technological Trends to look forward in India

Backhoe loader manufacturers are leveraging Digital Technology by integrating Big Data and the Internet of Things in their models. The new model...




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