Study Finding- Use of Plastic Waste Instead Of Sand In Concrete

There has been a deficit of sand as raw materials used for construction and manufacturing. The UN estimates that 4.1 billion tons of cement...
concrete battery

Turning concrete buildings into rechargeable battery

There has been research going on how to use concrete buildings, into giant batteries. The idea has been gaining ground as we have come...
Shinano Air Tools

All You Need to Know About The Importance of Using Shinano Air Tools

Air tools are one of the most flexible tools in today’s modern technology. Earlier mechanics and technicians were dependable on the electrical tools. However,...
LGSF fire-resistant

Fire-resistance benefits of Light Gauge Steel Frame

The construction industry across the world is adopting the light gauge steel frame way of construction for the many benefits it offers- cost-efficient, durable,...
Home security

Your home isn’t actually secure if you don’t have these 6 things

All of us return to the safety and comfort of our home after a long day’s tiresome work. Home has always been our haven....
Watermelon seeds for crack healing

Biocementation of Watermelon seeds for crack healing of concrete

There a number of chemical admixtures are used for crack healing as well as to increase durability of structures. Using chemical admixtures has many...

Keep Your House and Loved One Safe with the Best Security Door

The planet is no longer what it once was. Society used to be a peaceful, loving environment where people looked after and protected one...
LGSF structures

How do the LGSF structures perform during an earthquake?

The construction industry is moving at a steadfast pace with major developments in the construction methods. Earlier the construction of a building was carried...
Wavy Wall

“Wavy Walls” Use Fewer Bricks than Straight Walls

We all know that civil engineering is a world of innovation. There are a lot of advancements in technology in today’s era. But most...

E- Learning with CMTI – CIVIL ENGG CONNECT App

E-learning essentially includes learning online through the courses that are offered on the net. Live lectures, and videoconferencing are all possible through the via...




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