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Tile Fix – Adhesives


Slurry Bond For Flooring Tiles

Tiles cannot be stuck to the concrete floor directly with proprietary tile adhesive as the flatness is not assured while the slab is poured....
Spacers between tiles

Importance of Joints, Spacers and Grouting For Tiles

The main reason for providing a gap between the tiles is to accommodate for slight sizing differences from tile to tile that are created...

Concrete adhesive products for underlay and tiling application

Concrete adhesive products must offer a long term advantage with durability especially when used for sensitive areas of application such as underlay and tiling. ...

How to Install Tile Over Existing Tile?

If your floor has begun to show signs of wear or you’ve grown tired of its outdated style, you may wish to have a...
Stone Sealer

Natural Stone Sealer For Floor Protection

Stones are the naturally available materials and are used from the ancient times in civil construction. None of the stones are like others in...

How to Install Large Format Tiles?

Large format tiles are not a new concept, it has been around but presently it has shown growth in demand due to a variety...