Monday, September 26, 2022

Roofing Fasteners


REALM – ROOFIX Self-drilling screw for metal roofing

Self-drilling screws do not need a pilot hole because of the drill bit end. They work quite well at fastening thin pieces of metal...
Self- drilling screw

What are the advantages and uses of self-drilling screws?

When you build a structure, you want it to be strong and Everlasting. Products that speed up the job with Quality is a step...
Extreme Loads

Specialty Fasteners for the resistance of Extreme Loads

If a structure is designed to withstand the extreme load, the load is transferred to fasteners that connect it to other building fasteners, Structure...
Rust Shield Coating

Rust Shield Coating – for metal roofing fasteners

“Rust” is the common name for what happens when iron, oxygen and moisture get together. It’s a relentless chemical process that attacks, Most of us know...
Metal roofing fasteners

Metal roofing fasteners- Add value to your investment

Whether your roof is a roof panel or a standing seam roof panel, it will have some exposed fasteners. The fasteners, therefore, must be durable to...
Fastener for Metal Roofing Panels

How to Choose the Right Fastener for Metal Roofing Panels?

Metal Roofing fasteners are only Link between Structure and Building Envelopes and critical components of buildings, Your reputation hangs on specifying the right fasteners....
Corrosion Coating

Corrosion Coating Properties of Fasteners

In the Previous Article, we have discussed how a poor-quality roofing washer can play a significant role in promoting corrosion and causing accelerated deterioration...
Roofing Fastener

Roofing Fasteners, Small product – a big problem

In the Previous Article, we have discussed the compound interest factors that need to be considered for roofing. In this article, we will discuss...
TRUE Blue EPDM Washers

TRUE Blue Metal EPDM Washers – Realm India

In the Previous Article, we have covered about the significance of Washer for Roofing Projects. In this part we will discuss about the compound...