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Glass in Architecture Design

Importance of Glass in Architecture Design

Glass is a magical material which has so many different properties and uses, that it has presented Architects with many new possibilities...
Structural glazing system in buildings

Structural glazing system in buildings

Structural glazing systems are types of curtain wall systems consisting of glass that is bonded or anchored back to a structure without...
structural insulated panels

Advantages and types of structural insulated panels

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a high-performance building system for residential and light commercial construction. They used to construct walls, ceilings, and...
Glass facade

Glass facade; An overview of advantage and types

Façade is a French origin word meaning the front face. The use of glass in the exterior facades provided more light and...
Glass Used in Building Architecture

Different Types of Glass Used in Building Architecture

Glass is a hard substance that may be transparent or translucent and brittle. It is manufactured by a fusion process. In this...
Architecture Styles

Different types of architecture styles adopted in India

Indian architecture has evolved through centuries which is the result of socio-economic and geographical conditions. Different types of Indian architectural styles include...
Decorative Wall Panelling

Decorative Wall Panelling For Your Building Architecture

Wall panels have come a long way from the dated mid-century installations. Modern wall panels for buildings offer a range of benefits,...
clay facades

Advantages of using clay facades for buildings

The term ‘façade’ can refer to any predominantly vertical face of a building envelope. A facade can enhance and transform the look...
Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding; its advantages and different types

Wall cladding is the process of layering one material on top of another material which will create a skin layer over the...




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