Sunday, July 3, 2022
resilient floor coverings

Adhesives for different types resilient floor coverings

Resilient floor coverings are highly engineered sheet and tile products, made to withstand heavy use in a variety of commercial and residential buildings. Different environments...

Concrete adhesive products for underlay and tiling application

Concrete adhesive products must offer a long term advantage with durability especially when used for sensitive areas of application such as underlay and tiling. ...
adhesives used in construction

What are the different types of adhesives used in construction?

Adhesives can be defined as non-metallic materials capable of joining permanently to surfaces by an adhesive process. The use of adhesives in construction offers...
Ceramic tiles

Mapei Adhesives for Ceramic Tiles and Stone Flooring

Ceramic tiles, natural stone and recomposed materials are generally used for floors and coatings in residential, commercial and industrial constructions and in airports, swimming pools, etc. In...