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Backhoe Loader
Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loader manufacturers are constantly updating their machines to the fast-changing and varied requirements of projects. Buyers have become more educated and demanding in terms of wanting machines suited to the kind of work and environment that they work in. The manufacturers now leverage the integration of Big Data and the Internet of Things in their equipment. The backhoe loader manufacturers are showing preparedness to meet escalating demand by ramping up their production capacities and upgrading machines. Some of the main focus points of manufacturers are smart telematics systems, fuel efficiency, operator safety and multi-tasking. The new generation of backhoe loader models are intended to increase uptime and productivity with lower operating costs. Given below are a few of the backhoe loader models available in India.

Different types of backhoe models in India

Backhoe loader with advanced telematics system

The backhoe loader is now guided with advanced telematics and Smart i-techsystem. The new intelligent products come with 12 percent improved mileage capability and also offer up to 22 percent lower maintenance costs. With these technologies, customers can get real-time information about the performance of a machine. The new JCB 3DX ecoXPERT effectively manages the power demand with Intelli performance technology. The system effectively manages the energy demand from the hydraulic and powertrain to give a perfectly optimised performance. It also features an in-built auto-stop which automatically shuts the engine off after 6 minutes of inactivity to save fuel. The new backhoe loader is built with a spacious cabin, equipped with a new comfortable seat and an informative digital display to make it easy and comfortable to operate. Equipped with a Guide Me Home feature, the external lights of the machine stay on for 30 seconds for safety if the ignition is turned off in a dark environment. Powered by the ecoMAX engine (CEV Stage IV), it is equipped with 3 new innovative features that are, Easy Shift Gear, Semi-Kick Down Switch and Smooth Ride System Control that enhance productivity and reliability of the machine. The model comes with 4WD for better tractive efforts resulting in higher loading and dozing capabilities. The Variable Displacement Hydraulic Pump in these backhoes helps to reduce hydraulic losses resulting in better fuel efficiency. The backhoe provides excavation performance with higher digging forces with 6 in 1 bucket for various applications like dozing, grabbing, loading, grading etc.

JCB 3DX ecoXpert

Backhoe loader with fuel efficiency

New series backhoes are powered by S8000 Engine and deliver powerful performance and fast response time coupled with a 5% higher productivity and fuel savings of up to 13%. They are re-engineered from the ground up to deliver industry-leading backhoe breakout force, greater loader lift capacity/reach and best-in-class cab visibility. CASE 770EX-Magnum comes with the S8000 FPT engine with high power and torque density. The extendahoe is the perfect solution for working conditions where the digging depth is crucial. Performances: lifting capacity, digging depth, digging force raises a new standard on this machine segment.All the main checkpoint can be easily reached from the ground. The front tilting engine hood and the perfect components layout ensures fast routine operations. The power shuttle transmission with torque converter allows smooth cycles and stall free operations. The electro hydraulic reversing as well as the cutoff button ensures comfortable and fast travelling. The extendahoe allows the operator to increase overall backhoe loader capacity keeping the same strength of the standard dipper. The new backhoe’s ‘S’tyled boom will boost your productivity. The boom delivers excellent breakout forces. The heavy duty front axle further boosts productivity especially when working in rough terrains. The Heavy Duty structures will enhance the reliability and the durability of your machine.

CASE 770EX-Magnum

Backhoe loaders for multitasking

Along with bigger projects, medium and small sized projects requirement is being adopted by the manufacturers. The focus is on multiple task applications. Cat 424 Backhoe Loader is providing just that. The backhoe Loader provides superior performance, best in class Hydraulics, outstanding Durability & Reliability, Easy Maintenance & Serviceability. The new BHL comes with better fuel efficiency, where every drop counts, hence more earning per hour. The machine is designed for more reach and digging depth, better engine and component life, optimum performance at any engine speed. Due to their smaller frame size and excellent maneuverability and versatility, the equipment is best suited for areas where using large equipment is not a feasible option. It has one of the best in class digging forces even at the deepest digging point allowing the most difficult excavation to be tackled with ease. It comes with a unique hydraulic system. The machine is designed for more reach and digging depth, better engine and component life, optimum performance at any engine speed. It is also available with hammer attachments. The style boom of the equipment model has better reach over obstacles and assists in easy and smooth loading of high body trucks. Boom-stick-bucket is this equipment is designed with perfect geometry which aids well for digging. 205-degree hoe bucket rotation gives better heap capacity and superior rimpull delivers excellent dozing performance.

Cat 424b Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loader with dig depths and breakout forces

Backhoe loaders with better dig depths, breakout forces and operating capacities are in demand due to hard terrain in India. The Volvo BL71 is a perfect fit for it. The backhoe provides a 4,3 m dig depth and 59 kN of bucket dig force. The narrow, S-style boom provides excellent visibility and load capacity to simplify digging and loading operations. For safe roading, the boom can be hydraulically locked and there’s a locking. It has optional features like an extendible dipper. And because operators are as diverse as the jobs, the equipment model offers added versatility and comfort with the choice of excavator or backhoe control patterns. It is also equipped with a proven Volvo turbo diesel engine capable of delivering high power and torque at low revs with low fuel consumption. The machine’s Powershuttle gearbox features four fully synchronized gears and electro-hydraulic switching between forward and reverse. Backhoe’s boom has a closed box welded construction with fewer components and fewer welds for superior strength. The kingpost is composed of cast iron to allow flexible movement and swing while maintaining uncompromising strength. The single, center-mounted dump cylinder provides 55 kN of breakout force, so you can handle the load with speed and ease. It also 1 features a 1.0 m3 General Purpose Standard Bucket that gives you the capacity to move more material with every load, for faster cycle times and increased profitability.

Volvo bl71 Backhoe loader

Backhoe loaders with quality engine and wet axles

New Series loader backhoes are powered by high functioning engines and deliver powerful performance and fast response time coupled with a higher productivity. The quality of engine and axle capability is a very good part for good performance of machines. Liugong CLG766 Backhoe Loaders is a great fit for it. It comes with a reliable engine and wet axles. Frame designed for high resistance and efficient load distribution ensuring longer life. Tandem gear pump enables fine grading and has flow control via dashboard switch. Power-assisted service brakes reduce fatigue. Spacious Cab is ergonomically designed with handrail and steps for safe and easy entry/exit. Optimum Hydraulic System allows for easy, smooth and swift combined operations that translate into superior machine performance. Advanced features such as the Fuel Saving Pump System enables superior performance in inching operations thereby eliminating losses. The equipment model’s original pilot circuit, with a shockless-regulator, enables responsive and precise control.

Liugong 777AS
Liugong 777A Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loader with less maintenance and better operational kinematics

There is a demand for a substantially more superior machine, with greater reliability, dramatically less maintenance, better operational kinematics and dynamics. The Mahindra EarthMaster VX 90 4WD AC is a great choice for it. It is based on the VX platform with a brand new AC cabin for the optimum comfort of the operator. We believe the operators are key to the performance of any backhoe and the AC cabin provides them with a comfortable environment to work at peak efficiency for longer hours. The AC cabin is also ideal for extremely dusty environments such as quarries and crushers where the dust poses a safety risk to the health of the operators. It is a machine that has undergone over 20,000 hours of machine testing under the harshest conditions, and has set new benchmarks in the 79.89 HP Backhoe Loader category. The VX has also proven to be a reliable machine by several satisfied customers over the course of several years. It comes with greater reliability, dramatically less maintenance, better operational kinematics and dynamics with a phenomenal fuel efficiency that saves at least a litre per hour. It also comes with the revolutionary DigiSense feature that keeps a track of your machine with the touch of a finger.

Mahindra EarthMaster SX 90 4WD

Backhoe loader with lower energy consumption

With its major infrastructure projects manufacturers expand its machine fleet, incorporating more and more technology, with the aim of improving site productivity. The TLB-844S enables these requirements to be met, using a wide bucket on the front of the machine and a backhoe on the back. This allows the operator to dig and load without changing machines, resulting in lower energy consumption, and at the same time increasing productivity. It comes with fuel-efficient Kirloskar turbo-charged engine, 90 hp With smart hydraulics for low fuel consumption and Reliable Carraro Axle Transmission. Models nowadays have a powerful implement hydraulic system that uses a load-sensing, variable-displacement piston pump. This design provides full lifting and digging forces at all engine speeds and matches hydraulic flow to work demands for highly efficient operation. The closed-center hydraulic system matches pressure and flow to application demand.

Terex TLB-844S Backhoe loader

Backhoe loader with loader bucket options

Flexibility in the bucket option helps in overall performance of the backhoe loader. Tata Hitachi Shinrai is providing just that. Standard Loader Bucket 1.1 m3: Loader bucket is used for standard operations like loading and dozing applications. A 6-in-1 multi-purpose loader bucket is used for applications like loading, dozing, leveling, grabbing, spreading and backfilling. This is useful in construction sites for performing various applications, It provides maximum comfort, safety and noise reduction and meets ROPS*/FOPS* safety requirements. For operator flexibility it offers air-conditioning*, ergonomic controls User-friendly consoles and ample storage space. GPS and GPRS-based remote tracking is attached with In-Site Monitors machine location and operations, that offers information about the machine and the fleet.

Tata Hitachi Shinrai Backhoe loader

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