Asphalt Paver Machine specifications for Indian Market

Asphalt Paver
Asphalt Paver

Asphalt pavers machines are being used for multiple project applications from large scale to smaller projects in the confined areas. Manufacturers are exhilarating the paving machine specifications with modified features and intelligent systems. They are now being enhanced with a 3D control system and multiple track layer paving systems. The purpose of the manufacturers is to achieve better throughput, reduce operator fatigue and machine optimization They are focusing now on the enhancement of paving pan lengths and operation control systems of these machines as per project requirement. The asphalt paver machines are now available with hydraulically expandable screeds that handle both asphalt and wet mix. Construction equipment manufacturers are increasingly taking efforts for developing energy-efficient asphalt pavers ideal for multiple tasks such as National roads, Municipal roads, Building lots, Squares and courtyards & Land maintenance. The machine specifications of different types of asphalt paver machines in the Indian market are discussed below.

Asphalt Paver Machine specifications for Indian Market

Wheeled asphalt paver for large scale projects

The latest wheeled asphalt paver can be used placing both binding courses and surface lifts. The machine features a standard paving width of 2.55 metres to 4.9 metres. It can work at widths up to 6.5 metres with the use of mechanical extensions. Its capacity and size make it an ideal fit for larger road projects. The newer models also feature a specialized levelling system that can be connected to the control unit. The installation plug is pre-mounted and allows for quick connection to the levelling sensors and controls. A lower discharge height reduces material spillage that can lead to mat defects. The hopper height also matches trucks of varied sizes, increasing fleet utilisation and making it easier to find outside haulers with appropriately sized vehicles. An optimised auger ensures uniform material distribution, even at wide paving widths. A small auger drive gearbox prevents segregation and cooling of material beneath the drive. Standard e-hydraulic auger height adjustment reduces the risk of segregation and ensures sufficient material beneath the gearbox. These pavers equipped with electronic grade and slope sensors ensure the right mat thickness and achieve a greater level of paving accuracy. A user-friendly screed control box enables the operator to stay in control and clear layout for easy operation.

AFW 500 Wheeled Asphalt Paver
Ammann AFW 500 Wheeled Asphalt Paver

Tracked asphalt paver for medium and large scale projects

Modern tracked asphalt pavers are suitable for paving a wide range of materials from the wearing course right down to the base courses on the most diversified paving terrain. They are utilized for medium and large-scale projects in paving widths from 2.5 m up to 13 m. The newer models feature the smart power-saving mode to give high power when it is needed and reduce fuel consumption when less power is required. The models are equipped with Electronic Paver Management (EPM) that provides the operator with an optimum overview and control of all paving processes. An electronically controlled and independent travel drive on the machine ensures a uniform propulsion, accurate straight-ahead travel, exact cornering and a soft start. This system offers the optimum prerequisites for a smooth and even mat. The operator can adjust his sitting position and the position of the control panel to meet his requirements. Both seats can be laterally extended beyond the outer edge of the paver. The centrally mounted EPM control panel can be swiveled, tilted and telescopically extended. If required, the operator can transfer his workstation from one side of the paver to the other within a few seconds.


Mini asphalt paver for small-sized projects in confined conditions

The latest mini-class asphalt pavers are designed both for repair work and for the construction of cycle paths, footpaths and farm tracks, minor roads, parking lots and sports grounds. They fill trenches, pave surfaces in halls or underground parking decks and can be used in landscaping projects. The latest series is extremely compact and yet has a high laydown rate and a paving width of up to 16 ft 5 in. With a range of paving widths extending from 2 ft 6 in to 16 ft 5 in. The paver operator‘s console is extremely clear and has been designed according to practical principles. All functions are combined into logical groups so that the operator finds each function exactly where he would expect it to be. With the AutoSet Plus Repositioning function, the paver is quickly and safely prepared for a move on the job site at the push of a button. With the PaveDock Assistant signal lights, the paver operator can give the driver of the feed vehicle unmistakable signals, indicating what needs to be done. They also come with sensor pavers that have intelligent operating technology that helps the machine deliver the right mat thickness, level of the mat, and the grade required. The models offer an ergonomic and safe working environment for the operating team.

Wirtgen SUPER 1300-3i

Mechanical asphalt paver for walkways and parking areas

The latest series of mechanical asphalt paver comes with a hydrostatic paver finisher with screed for handling both asphalt and wet mix. It comes with a basic screed of 2.5 Meters which can be extended up to 4.5 Meters. The screed extension is done hydraulically. The hopper operations, screed lifting and vibrating/tamping arrangement are hydraulically controlled in these models. The pavers have a variable displacement motor and pump for infinitely variable paving and travel speeds. The latest models are equipped with variable displacement pumps with servo control, one each for individual track drives. The operator cabin comes with a remote-controlled solenoid with a function check LED to assist system diagnosis. The steering and transmission are hydraulically controlled in the newer models.

Apollo WM 6 / RM 6


Different types of asphalt paver machine specifications in the Indian market are discussed above. The asphalt paver market continues to witness lucrative opportunities against the backdrop of increasing construction activity across the country.

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