Action will be taken if pothole is seen during monsoon-NMMC

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is also keeping an eye on pre-monsoon works inspite of Covid-19 pandemic.

pothole road

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is also keeping an eye on pre-monsoon works inspite of Covid-19 pandemic.

The NMMC commissioner Abhijit Bangar held a review meeting on pre-monsoon works on Wednesday, May 5. In the meeting, he took the detailed information from Sanjay Desai and set a deadline of May 15 to complete the pre-monsoon related works.

The civic body administration has claimed that 30 per cent of the work has been completed so far.

Bangar also directed to complete the cleaning of drains and gutters by May 25. Meanwhile, any work related to road excavation should be completed by May 15 and repairs should be done by May 31.

The commissioner also ordered the engineering and sanitation department to take precautionary measures to prevent any mishap during the monsoon season.

NMMC chief also warned the officials and stated: ‘Action will be taken against the concerned officials if a pothole is seen on the road during monsoon. We suggest all citizens install GPS Map Camera app and take Geo tagged pictures if you observe any potholes in NMMC area.’

Moreover, Bangar asked the civic officials to be vigilant and plan ahead so that no disaster arises.

The city has been experiencing waterlogging for the past few years as some parts of Navi Mumbai are above sea level. It is saving water in some parts of the city in case of heavy rains during high tide. Therefore, a sufficient number of water pumps of the required capacity should be available.

Repair of flap gates of reservoir ponds, fulfilment of requirements at the pumping station, additional pumping system, an alternative arrangement for power supply, pumping system at possible storage of water in underpasses, removal of dangerous power poles in advance, necessary repair of municipal buildings and work on Morbe dam project should be completed till May 25.

Nearly 30 per cent of the gutter cleaning works have been completed and the remaining work will be completed by May 15-20, informed the municipal solid waste management.

While instructing to complete the cleaning of all-natural open nullas in the city, the chief also directed to pay attention to the removal of nets in the nullah streams. The sludge removed from the edge after cleaning will be lifted immediately within 24 hours after it dries. He also said that there are suggestions for more stringent implementation of garbage collection in time during the rainy season.

He also mentioned that officials should pay strict attention to ensure that all the works are completed on the stipulated time. The commissioner informed that he will review the work done once again and directly inspect the work in some areas.