Action Construction Equipment bags contract worth $24.98 million


Action Construction Equipment (ACE) has been awarded with a contract to set up a state-of-the-art assembly plant for manufacturing of Tractors, Backhoe Loaders and Fabrication of Agricultural implements for the Government of The Republic of Ghana against a consideration of $24.98 Million. The said contract is secured through a credit agreement between the Government of The Republic of Ghana and Export- Import Bank of India. The project will be owned and operated by the Government of The Republic of Ghana.

The project involves Designing, Engineering, Commissioning of assembly lines and Supply of plant and machinery for the manufacturing plant in addition to transferring the technical know-how, establishing best-in-class manufacturing processes and quality control systems along with the training of engineers and technicians from The Republic of Ghana for future operations.

The manufacturing unit will be designed for an installed capacity of 4,500 Tractors, 600 Backhoe Loaders, 6,000 Agricultural implements and 3,000 Tipping trailers annually. The contract also includes the supply of an initial pilot lot of Tractors, Backhoe loaders and agricultural implements in CKD form for the assembly lines for manufacturing. Subsequently, after the commissioning of the plant, the prices for the CKD kits shall be applicable as per the prevailing market rates at the time of the supply.

Action Construction Equipment is the leading mobile crane manufacturing company in India, which has progressed all along to become a professionally managed ISO 9OOI Certified company.